1. Martial arts training involves close contact, therefore it is essential that, all jewellery is removed nails short, and hair tied back. Any jewellery that cannot be removed must be covered with tape. Clean clothing and personal hygiene are a must as you will be working in close proximity to other students and instructors.

2. A club uniform should be obtained as soon as the student has decided that they are fully committed to training. Until then appropriate clothing should be worn. Ensure that there are no buckles , sharp zips/button etc. That could cause injury to you or your partner. Remember, always empty your pockets and please no outdoor footwear or socks on matted training areas.

3. Any current injuries must be reported before the class starts. In the unlikely event of an injury being sustained during training, please inform your instructor immediately. If you have any cuts or abrasions, these should be adequately sealed with a waterproof plaster before arrival, plasters can also be found at reception at the first aid station along with other basic items available if injury occurs in training.

4. Students will be required to be a member of the club for insurance purposes, after the second session. Application forms are available from your instructor or at reception. The membership fee is £25 for the first year and £15 for re-newal.

5. In order to make classes run smoothly as they often run back to back could all students arrive in plenty of time so the class can start promptly and students don’t miss the all important warm up! Please make sure all classes are paid for on entry to the club and are paid at the till on reception. Any student who forgets their money will be entered into the owes book and must pay up promptly ASAP.

6. Everyone will be treated equally regardless of gender, age, race or religion. Respect is not a god given right but is earned . Please show consideration to everyone not only for your own safety but for those training around you. Bullying will not be tolerated in our club . We will endeavour to work with and try to correct this type of behaviour but if it continues you will be asked to leave the club permanently.

7. We except that some students may train at other gyms and we have no problem with this but we ask that they don’t blatantly try to promote these gyms and poach students from our club as we feel this shows a lack of respect to our club and the instructors who work hard to keep it running. Students who constantly flaunt these rules will be asked to leave the club.

8. Any members of the club having any issues about the club or any of the instructors can raise their problems with the club chairman. Any one making threats or slandering the club or instructors will not be welcome and will be asked to leave the club. Threats or bulling will not be tolerated in any shape or form.

9. Mobile phones must be switched off .